Home Staging

Home Staging

Staging is a sophisticated approach to preparing your house for sale. Merely packing away extra items and cleaning your house just isn’t good enough anymore for getting the most money out of your house. And when you’re dealing with your equity, you’re talking big money. So why risk it?
Statistics like that are wonderful to see, but you may be thinking, “That won’t happen to me!” If you don’t stage your property you’ll never know.
As a homeowner you can save money by completing the homework part
of the staging process — the packing and cleaning and minor repairs — yourself. But when it comes to the final showcase and styling part of staging the property, we recommend you leave it to the pros. An educated, well- skilled staging professional knows how to style a room to address what the buyer needs to see, how to highlight the best features of your house, and how to minimize its less desirable attributes. Stagers also know how to maxi- mize space by using correct placement of color, lighting, and art to harmo- nize a living space so the buyer connects on every level and makes an offer.

Why Real Estate Staging?

Real estate agents the world over are having an aha moment about the stag- ing process, scratching their heads, and wondering why this process is suddenly being sought out by their sellers and promoted on TV and in the press as much as it is. For decades, savvy agents have been helping their clients pack away some of their personal items and extra furniture and advising them to clean and dust thoroughly.
But now a more sophisticated approach to preparing the rooms is in the air. Packing away extra items and cleaning the house is no longer good enough.

Looking into staging’s benefits for sellers

The number one benefit of staging for any seller is maximizing the equity gain from the sale of the property. When a house has been fully and properly readied for sale, agents are more impressed, are able to support a higher list price, and know that the house will spend fewer days on the market. They’re also proud to show the house, making it much easier for the agent to get other agents to bring prospective buyers to see your property. Here are some of the benefits that make these points true:
– Staged properties attract more potential buyers. When a house looks great and shows really well, agents can initiate aggressive marketing strategies, maximizing the number of potential buyers who look at your property. More often than not, the house sells faster and for more money than it would if it hadn’t been staged.
– Sellers experience less stress after the house sells. Rather than waiting for an offer and then packing up and moving all at once, homeowners who stage their properties do a lot of their packing before the house even hits the market.
– All the sorting, organizing, and purging you’ve promised yourself you do for years actually gets done. Meeting that milestone definitely quali- fies as a feel-good moment and enables you to move to your new house with a clean slate.
– A faster sale equals less stress. When your house sells fast, you have fewer open houses to prepare for, fewer intrusions, and a shorter amount of time you actually have to keep the house show-ready.

Finding benefits for buyers

Today’s buyer wants to close the sale on Friday, move in on Saturday, meet the neighbors on Sunday, and have the kids in school and be back at work on Monday.

Buyers realize the following benefits when they view a staged home:

– They can more easily see what they’re buying rather than wading though existing family and personal belongings.
– Buyers can fall in love with the house because they see that it has room for the family members and their things.
– A professionally staged property shows buyers how their furniture will fit in the house to maximize the space.

– Buyers have peace of mind knowing that all the repairs and updating are done.
– Buyers don’t need to invest more money into a property that has been staged, because the repairs and updates have been completed.
– Buyers can move in and settle back into the regular routine more easily because they don’t have to deal with the usual challenges moving requires, like painting, repairs, and updating.(..)
/Christine Rae & Jan Saunders Maresh – Home Staging For Dummies/

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